How to Prevent Accidental Lockouts

Expert Towing Company Tips

Accidental car lockouts are among the most common and most inconvenient situations which you can encounter. Yet, there are certain steps which can help avoid such hassling instances without having to break into your vehicle. Here are some tips on how to prevent accidental lockouts provided by a professional towing company.

Keep several spares hidden yet within easy reach
A good way to help prevent accidental car lockouts is to keep several spares both on your and in your workplace and home. By doing so, you will always have an additional key which you can use. Which can be valuable in cases of dropping, theft or damage to the originals. Consider keeping one hidden at home, one in a safekeeping location at the office and one on you at all times.

Have someone keep the spare
An alternative to keeping several spares is to give someone you trust a single spare. These can include your loved ones, close friends or relatives. Be sure to keep in touch and have the contact details of the person handy at all times. This will help you in cases where you have locked yourself out and avoid having to contact a professional towing company or locksmith.

Attach them to a loud keychain
To avoid losing your car keys, have them attached to a loud keychain. This will help to prevent lockouts due to dropping them by drawing your attention to their location. It will also make them easier to spot and retrieve.

There are several steps which can help you prevent accidental car lockouts. These include keeping several spares in easy to access for you yet hidden for others locations. And giving someone you trust an identical set for safekeeping. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional towing company. An example of one such contractor is Texas Best Towing in Houston, TX.